The oldest dance of mankind - Belly Dance

We can probably assume that this dance is the oldest dance of mankind. The Oriental Bellydance is gladly known as the oldest dance in mankind. Originating from India, to Afghanistan, into the Near East, from the Mediterranean to today, Iran, Turkey and Greece, Egypt and along the north coasts of Africa until Spain and Southern France traces can be found of the dance we call today the eastern belly dance.

Further information and more details about my ShowEvery one of the cultures mentioned above left typical characteristics. Both in the preservation of the original Bellydance forms, and their advancement, and it was spread considerably by the gypsies as they traveled from India to Southern Europe and North Africa. They brought their dance, and simply added many different elements that they found in other dances from many different people.

Although I can assume that the belly dance, as in many parts of the world, was also found in prehistoric Europe. Now this bellydance has really only found followers in modern times in Europa.

Further information and more details about my Show

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Further information regarding my Modern Pop Orient Belly Dance Show can be found at the following German language web site or on the English language site Here we offer further historical background for the different dances directions of my Shows as well as hundreds of pictures and videos for your perusal. Take a look!

Further information and more details about my Show

My modern oriental Pop Orient Belly dance Show!

Further information and more details about my ShowMy Bellydance show will inspire you, especially due to its aesthetics and graceful form; my bellydance will fascinate you with my performance. Wrapped in colourful, original costumes and special Jewels from Arab countries, the belly dance will magically bring you the fairy tale impressions of the Orient. With technical skill and natural charm they understand the beauty and grace and unite vitality and the joy of life in the poetry of my movements.

My Belly-Dance Show will leave unforgettable impressions of beauty and joy of life with you. The best of modern belly dance from Arabia and the Gulf States.

Further information and more details about my Show

My original Pop Belly-Dance Show is pure party entertainment, a mixture from the Gulf States and Arabic Flamenco Bellydance style. Different rhythmic Bellydance songs of the modern times from Egypt and Gulf States, with influences of the Arab Berber belly-dances and the Spanish Flamenco style of the gypsies, Arabic Flamenco belly dance, sword bellydance, stick belly dance and cymbal bellydance. A highlight is probably also the veil belly- dance with double veil or dance with 4 veils...

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